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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

(English) An exceptional grip strength feat

Here is one for you.

I always knew about my younger brother's remarkable overall body strength, and especially his hand strength - which comes from hard work only, as he has never in his life touched a dumbbell, barbell, or a gripper.

But the other day he really stunned me with a grip/hand strength feat he came up with on his own. Look at this regular crown cap from a beer bottle and what he did with it:

Yes, it is bent BACKWARDS. Can you believe he did this with one hand only, that is, with thumb, index, and middle finger?

He told me about having done this at a party and gave me a crown cap to try. Once I had tried and declared the feat impossible, he took it and after a few minutes of tearin' and wearin' he had bent the cap backwards, simply by pushing with his thumb against the center of it, and holding the rim back with middle and index finger.

I still don't know how this was possible, but there was no trick involved. All I know is, it requires a great amount of pain tolerance.

Give it a try if you like, but don't hurt yourself.

I can't believe he never trains for anything like this. I guess strength just runs in our family. :-P


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