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Sunday, February 12, 2012

(English) Stone Lifting

Found this old photograph on my computer today of yours truly lifting a big stone:

A friend on mine took it and created the vintage look, I have no idea if the original exists at all.

Stone lifting is probably the most primeval strength test and I highly recommend you try it some time. There's nothing better than finding a big stone in nature, realizing it is heavy, taking on the challenge, and conquering it.

I have no idea how heavy the stone was and I'm not sure if it is still lying there. Maybe someday I'll come back to the place and if it is still there, I'll measure it, and make another attempt.

Maybe I'll map its whereabouts and if you ever come to the Tyrolean Alps you can have a go at it.

Who knows, maybe you will lift it overhead.


PS: I couldn't write about stone lifting without mentioning Steve Jeck and his book Of Stones and Strength. It's really the authority on stone lifting.

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