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Thursday, May 17, 2012

(English) Home gyms: part I

Who doesn't love home gyms?

A friend of mine, Martin, sent me pictures of his formidable home gym setup a few days ago. I think it is a good example of how you could equip a small space so it won't lack anything and serve you a lifetime.

- Powerrack including...
- ...olympic bar...
- ... and skidproof washing mashine mats
- A lot of weight plates...
- ...on beautiful self-welded wall racks

- Two sturdy benches
- Stationary bike

- Cable tower
- Two Kettlebells
- Motivating Poster

And this corner is my favourite:

- Miscellaneous accessories
- TV for motivating videos
- Leg curl mashine (?)
- Fridge!


Great home gym.


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